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Tareeqah Muhammadiyah

Programme Zawiyah [Urdu] Play

'A Conversation between Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh & Imam Qadri Saab'.
The following are a series of interview style discussions between the two respective imams which will dispel many of the myths and mysteries surrounding the science of Ihsan. More commonly known as Tassawuff or Sufism.

Itikaaf 2012 Exposition of Sura Al Muminoon Play

During this years Itikaaf 2012, Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh went through a collection of critical material. Which every seeker on the path to Allah must know, and establish its principles in his or her journey towards the pleasure of Allah. Growing on Last year's series. This year Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh covers the 'Exposition of Sura Al Muninoon in relation to attaining the pleasure of Allah'. He delivers these inspiring series of seminars in which the first 10 verses of Sura Al Muminoon are used as a foundation to deliver the crucially important knowledge & principles about the path to Allah every seeker must know.

Miraj of the Ummati [PTA] Series 2011 Play

Growing from the previous years of the Path to Allah [PTA] Series. Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh covers the crucial knowledge for the seeker of truth and what he/she must know when traveling on the path to Allah. In light of the spritual ascension of the believer (Ummati)
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