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Our world. Your move.

Réunion mondiale de la jeunesse Croix-Rouge Croissant-Rouge Play

« Youth on the move » Pendant trois jours, quelque 600 volontaires de 18 à 30 ans venus du monde entier participeront des ateliers de formation qui les prépareront à mieux relever les défis humanitaires actuels. Ils feront une déclaration pour lancer un « appel à laction » à la communauté internationale.

World Red Cross Red Crescent Youth Meeting - 23 to 28 June Play

Participants of Youth on the move, the third World Red Cross Red Crescent Youth Meeting give their thoughts on what the event is like, and how they will make a difference in the world.

You can follow their stories and find more info by visiting www.ourworld-yourmove.org/blog. You can also share your move with the world on the website.

Video Diary from Solferino, Italy Play

Five hundred youth are gathered in Solferino, Italy for the third-ever world Red Cross Red Crescent youth meeting from 23 to 28 June. They've met in Solferino, the birthplace of the Red Cross Red Crescent, in honor of the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Solferino. This video diary will share highlights from the youth meeting and other events taking place.

Learn more at http://ourworld-yourmove.org. Read the youth stories at http://ourworld-yourmove.org/blog-english/?cat=80.
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