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  • Ranveer & Deepika - She Will Be Loved

    3,095 views 2 months ago
    [Please make sure to watch in HD]

    Okay where to start? I think I should start off with saying that this has to be the longest video I ever made, and I didn't even realize that I edited so much? At first my inspiration was coming & going a lot but after the first chorus, I seemed to be pretty inspired so I managed to finish this. Another reason might be that I wanted to finish this on time for Diana's birthday but I failed at that. :p Coming to the story, in case you are curious I will sum it up now.

    Deepika is a girl with a very poor judgement in men, she keeps dating guys that are not "good for her" and take her for granted. She keeps getting her heart broken and really doesn't believe in "love" at this point anymore. Then there is Ranveer, her best friend, her shoulder to cry on. He is someone who has always been in her life, so she is quite oblivious of his feelings for her. She doesn't realize that he's madly in love with her, all she sees is her best friend Ranveer, nothing else. After yet another failed relationship with Ranbir, she is devastated because she is so unlucky in terms of love, this one hits her hard because she thought it would work this time, she had found the one but once again it didn't and he was just another guy who left her to be with someone else. Ranveer is of course there for her through the heartbreak & tears. She is slowly starting to realize who has been there for her all along and gradually she starts to fall for her savior. :)

    Voiceovers: (in order)
    Deepika: It's just that I met a lot of men who appear nice in the beginning and then just disappear.
    Deepika: Save me from all this.
    Ranveer: Don't fall in love with me.
    Deepika: Haven't I waited so long for you already?
    Ranveer: I love you.
    Deepika: I love you.

    I basically wanted to end this after the break up with Ranbir, but my friend Cheeky convinced me to give this video a happy ending that's why it ended up being so long. lol I didn't want her to fall in love immediately, I wanted it to happen slowly, I hope I could show that? It was really hard. Especially because Mr. Singh only has very few movies out & they're really hard to manip. I had the idea of using a girl's version of the song after some point so that it's Deepika this time who is there for him. :') The cover is sung by this youtube user:

    I am dedicating this video to my wonderful friend Diana. :) You thought the Deepveer surprise & your birthday surprise were two different things, LOL GIRL. How can I NOT make something Deepveer related for you? I told you about this video before I don't know if you remember. I actually had given up on this but I really wanted to make something for your birthday so just for you I struggled to get all my inspiration back. I really really REALLY hope you love this. I am thankful that you were born, you are such a special person. I can't even describe how important you are to me. Talking to you is always a pleasure, and it has become part of my every day now. I miss you when I don't talk to you even just for a single day. I am glad I brought you to twitter, just the fact that you are more involved in this Ranveer & Deepika world on there makes me beyond happy. See, everyone loves you on there. How could they not? You are easy to love. I am just rambling now. Just happy belated birthday, my angel. x

    A special shout out to Cheeky for all the help. Thank you for all your suggestions & ideas. It was so great to share this experience with you. I am so thankful for all that you have done. I just had to give you a special place in this video even though it's at the very end. I really hope this lives up to your expectations, considering how excited you were for this.

    I said everything I wanted to say, now all there's left that I can say is. I hope all of you guys enjoy. I put a lot of hard work into this video. It didn't quite turn out the way I wanted but I refuse to fix anything now, Sony Vegas has been a pain while editing / rendering this. If you actually read the whole description write "strawberry smoothie" in your comments. I'm just curious which people actually read these things. lol Show less
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