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Kid Krochet-Almost Famous Contest

2,212 views 2 years ago
Infinity Records, Kid Krochet, Almost Famous Contest, shout out to Dunny Badger for filming...
I'm not actor, I'm a rapper, I'm a problem, I'm a factor
I'm a monster, pocket full of contraband, and more green than a packer
got a knack for, disaster, my tenacity half of these fuckers cant match
fuck racks on racks, i smash on tracks, ya'll sound like trash, guess facts are facts
i rap, unwrap then rap it again, i mastered the craft, ya'll lagging a bit
ya'll stuck in the back, I'm all in the front, just laughing as i pass you again
pull the sword from the stone, cold to the bone, down to the marrow, joints and the soul
on the road, on a roll, in a zone of my own, i killed that flow just a moment ago
gotta revive it, be the, livest, you think you talking fly shit?
well I'm a pilot, in the cockpit logging sky mileage
hella high bitch, my eyes is, red as the devils dick
blunts filled with medical shit, get on my level kid
uparalleld, in a league of my own, i'm schemin and dreamin of seeing the throne
this evening i'm leaving my demons alone, i'm feinding for cream so im bringin in dough
ain't nobody fuckin with me anymo', ain't nobody puffin the steam that i blow,
ain't nobody rushing the scene at a full, sprint, maybe i should be keepin it slow Show less
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