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Lugia's Song + Tears of Life Mashup Remix /Trickywi/

37,063 views 1 year ago
Read me: This remix has a mixture of things. A dancey-like beat in some parts, then just soft and stringy in other parts. A piano is always a lovely little addition right? =D

Lugia's Song (from Pokemon: The Movie 2000) is one of my favorite songs and "Tears of Life (from Pokemon the First Movie) just gets meeee LOL

I have combined this song before a few years ago, so i suppose this is just a remix of another remix.


If you liked this video, stay tuned for a download link! Like and subscribe for more and if you have an idea of a song you want me to do, please send me the request by PM

I see that they are bring back Mewtwo in the 16th Pokemon movie.

Im gonna be the type of person who still likes Pokemon when they are 100 years old but ya know..OH WELL!! LOOOL

I don't own pokemon nor its characters. I made the remix from scratch, based off of Lugia's Song and Tears of Life (from the offical Pokemon soundtrack) I dont own the pictures or the movie content. Show less
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