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The Power of Grit: Murugappa Group - CUMI

1,256 views 2 months ago
Hello there! This video was designed and developed for Murugappa Group's CUMI by WowMakers. When they first came to us with the idea, they were clear that they didn't want a video filled with technical jargon. We took the challenge and thought of expressing the humanity behind it. The concept of the tiny, abstract particles from which everything is created having the power to touch human lives, and radically altering the the way we do things, inspired us. The result is this video.

What's in a grit? By themselves, they are insignificant specks of grain; combined, they take the form of building blocks that can construct anything from a microchip to a chugging railway, from a lawnmower to a spaceship. Without these tiny particles, we'd still be toiling under the sun with our ploughs and carts. These particles are the stuff dreams are made of. Without them, we wouldn't exist. Show less
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