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The Comic Book Show: Goodbye Nightwing, Hello Grayson

5,381 views 2 days ago
Recap from the live show July 16th 2014. Watch now to find out what our hosts think about the new Thor, the latest indie comic books, and who wins this week between Marvel and DC!

Twin Galaxies Live is a 24-Hour Video Game and Pop Culture network, and every week, an all-star cast of comic book experts gathers in its studios to bring you rousing comic news, previews, discussion, giveaways and gaming... all while a live, interactive online audience watches and chimes in via chat and webcam. Join Batman: Death Wish's Matthew Hiscox, The "Batsuit" Music Video's Jennifer Zhang, TheRealStanLee.com's Wes Calimer and Jackie Lopez, 1 Million to Save Wolverine and the X-Men's Lucas Ackerman, Geekscape.net's Jonathan London, The Fantastic Forum's Lawrence Young, and The Nerdist's Ben Dunn every week for some INTENSE comic book talk and gaming... then watch the polished, bite-sized episode on Stan Lee's World of Heroes channel.

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Thanks Everybody!

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