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Y - Tegan & Sara 'It Gets Better - Onstage Version' Play

I love when Tegan and Sara say they're queer. Or giant gays. Or whatever. Because I remember how right after The Con came out, they were really careful not to do that. And my guess is because their audience grew a lot right after that album came out, especially with them being MTV's Artist of the Week (like RIGHT before this show(Sewell/Philadelphia on 11/23/2007)... and suddenly the average age of the audience dropped like eight years) and they were uncertain or wanted to be careful with their new audience members. It really bummed me out when they started doing it. (This was the first concert I took my roommate to, after she'd heard me talk about them incessantly ever since we became roommates, and she's the one you hear going, "What's with the gender-neutral pronouns?" and I had to defend them to her about the new-album-more-mainstream thing, which she wasn't buying.)

I'm so happy they don't do that anymore. I'm so happy that they're comfortable in their fans and their success and who they are that they don't feel like they have to, because it was really sad when they did. Hopefully they've learned that their attitude towards it earns them more fans, not less. (Though for sure it doesn't come without difficulties... we learned that we were all searched and metal-detected to go into a Texas show because T&S had been harassed, targeted and threatened by a skinhead group in Texas... how fucking scary is that?? But it makes sense. Look at these girls making being gay a totally normal, acceptable, celebrated part of life... and their millions of fans - representative of a whole younger, more accepting generation - are loving it. I can see how crazy people could see them as a major threat.)

Anyway, this video always made me sad, and I'm so happy there are videos like "We're Giant Gays + Dallas the Sperm Donor" and "Sara's First Girlfriend" and "Being an 8-Year-Old Lesbian" and "Slippery Slope to Gaydom" and "Homophobic Fan + Prop 8" and "Feeling Like a Boy and Turning Out to be a Lesbian" and so so so many more (maybe I should make a new playlist of all of those??? I can call it the "Tegan & Sara 'It Gets Better - Onstage Version'") to show that the story doesn't end in a way AT ALL resembling this video from 2007. It makes me proud of them. It makes me happy. And I'm glad it didn't have to end that way. Aren't you???

A - My Top Videos Play

The best! Let me know if I have any others you think I should include. ;)

Brooklyn (Music Hall of Williamsburg), New York 2/15/10 Play

Victoria (Rifflandia, Alix Goolden Hall), BC 9/25/09 Play

Tegan & Sara @ Rifflandia, Victoria, BC 9/25/09

Top Song Performances Play

Special thanks to HappieEmoKid for her help in picking out some of the best! Let me know if there are any others I should add.

Y - Tegan & Sara Mess Up Songs On Stage Play

Hey, why not? They always recover gracefully... and when they don't, it's usually hilarious and just as awesome. ;-D
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