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David Allen

Wizardgold Intro YouTube

1,229 views 1 year ago
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Video tutorials showing Mac and iPad users to get the best from your hardware and software. Dive in and find out how to use Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5. Mac20Q for Mac based Tutorials and NoStylus for the iOS tutorials,
A whole series of videos about how to use iBooks Author app to make digital ebooks for the website Digital Book Maestro. In with that group of videos there are some that look at other methods to make ebooks using either Mac or iPad hardware.

Here is the Playlist for NoStylus - http://goo.gl/WMf7s

## Let's get Social
* Twitter - https://twitter.com/wizardgold
* FaceBook - http://goo.gl/mz4Gd
* GooglePlus - http://goo.gl/SKDeJ

Here is the website for more about NoStylus - http://nostylus.com

Music by Kevin MacLeod
Bushwick Tarantella

Otherwise the rest of the video is all my own work. Show less
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