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Gender equality: The last big poverty challenge

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Sign our petition asking the UN to include SRHR & gender equality in their future development goals: http://ippf.org/idecide

We cannot begin to truly eradicate poverty until we've begun to combat gender inequality. However we can change this. By petitioning governments globally, we can combat female genital mutilation (FGM), early forced marriage and other forms of gender discrimination to ensure the custodians of our future live, learn and thrive in safety and total equality

Featuring comment from the Population and Sustainability Network, WaterAid, Girls Not Brides, Blue Ventures, the African Women Leaders Network, Hacey's Health Initiative and the Overseas Development Institute. Show less
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Early enforced marriage in South Asia Play

Early enforced marriage is one of the most wide-spread human rights violations. 3 South Asian countries: India, Nepal and Bangladesh are among the 14 countries in the world which have the world's highest rates of child marriage. The physical, social and emotional consequences of child marriages are multiple and severe, which range from lack of access to education, leading to limited literacy and employment opportunities, exposure to unprotected sexual relations, pregnancy and child birth before being physically or psychologically ready, and high rates of female poverty.

Girls Decide Play

These 6 short films illustrate that girls' and young women's access to life-saving sexual and reproductive services and information is a human right. Girls from around the world share their journeys when faced with decisions about sex, pregnancy, abortion and relationships.

An IPPF's initiative, Girls Decide aims to ensure governments around the world to adopt policies that work for girls.

Its objectives are to reduce the risks and complications related to pregnancy and childbirth, including unsafe abortion. These are the most common causes of death among adolescent girls worldwide.

'Consequences' video series for the Family Planning Summit Play

This series documents the consequences of reduced access to contraception and the enormous role family planning plays in empowering women. It's not just children and families that are effected, but education, resources and communities are transformed when choices are enabled.
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