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Vic Firth

The Shed Sessions: Gerald Heyward & Casey Cooper

24,645 views 1 month ago
We invited Casey Cooper to be the first to throw down with Gerald Heyward in Vic Firth's "video-minus-one" SHED SESSIONS!

Would you like the chance to perform a DRUM DUET with Vic Firth Signature Artist Gerald Heyward AND have your video feature in the Vic Firth YouTube Channel?! Today is your lucky day.

1. Download the track at http://www.vicfirth.com/she...
2. Record your half of the duet
3. Send us a link to your video using the form on the download page

Click to learn the form of the tune and how to submit your own:

Click to see a sample of what we're looking from YOU:

For more information, visit the homepage for this contest at:
http://www.vicfirth.com/she... Show less
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