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UNGU - Segala Puji Syukur | Official Video Clip

14,918 views 1 week ago
Menyambut bulan Ramadhan 2014 UNGU merilis single religi yang berjudul 'Segala Puji Syukur', diciptakan oleh Pasha (Sigit Purnomo) dengan memasukkan kalimat zikir (tasbih, tahmid, tahlil dan takbir) sebagai unsur utama. Melalui lagu ini Ungu mengajak kita untuk berzikir kapan dan dimana pun.
Musik di lagu 'Segala Puji Syukur' adalah pop yang riang, semua personil Ungu turut menyumbangkan vocalnya bahkan Krisna J. Sadrach selaku produser juga ikut, bersama para personil group HiPop (Hijabbers Pop) Noura. Video clip "Segala Puji Syukur" disutradarai oleh Candi Soelaiman, dengan menggambarkan meriahnya silaturahmi. Rossa, Afgan, dan group Noura juga ikut tampil di video clip ini bersama Ungu dan beberapa anak dari yayasan yatim piatu.

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Afgan Play

Afgansyah Reza, or more popularly known as Afgan, is currently one of Indonesia's hottest young artist, marking his name in the Indonesian music industry with hit songs such as "Terima Kasih Cinta", "Sadis", "Pesan Cinta", and many other hit songs. With his great vocal quality, good looks and charming personality, he has attained many great achievements over the years such as the MTV Indonesia Music Awards, AMI Awards (Indonesia's Music Industry Highest Honours) and a Platinum Award for his album sales. With the Indonesian music audiences under a spell of his charm, he is set to take the center stage in the music industry.

Rossa Play

Rossa, is one of Indonesia's female diva, capturing the hearts of fans all across Indonesia with her sweet, yet powerful vocals, and warm personality. As an artist, Rossa has produced numerous hit songs and gained multiplatinum awards for albums "Kembali" and "Kini". Her accomplishments are marked with winning five AMI Awards (Indonesia's Music Industry Highest Honours) and five Annual Malaysian Music Awards. Rossa has also sold out live performances by filling up the Esplanade Theatre in Singapore and Bukit Jalil International Stadium in Malaysia.

Maudy Ayunda Play

Maudy is a multitalented performer. Beginning her career as an actress, she has now earned a reputation as an accomplished musician, capable of singing, playing the guitar and the piano. Her outstanding songwriting ability is showcased in her debut album "Panggil aku Maudy Ayunda" (Call me Maudy Ayunda). Maudy also appeared in the Perahu Kertas Original Soundtrack, singing the hit single "Perahu Kertas".
As an actress, she has starred in many Indonesian box office movies such as Untuk Rena, Sang Pemimpi, Rumah Tanpa Jendela, Tendangan dari Langit, Malaikat Tanpa Sayap, Perahu Kertas, and Perahu Kertas 2, Refrain and 2014. With her versatility in the music and film industry, Maudy is set to be the future diva in the music industry

Ungu Play

Ungu, founded by Pasha (Vocals), Makki (Bass), Rowman (Drums), Enda and Oncy (Guitars), is one of Indonesia's biggest selling pop-rock band, often leading music charts with their hit songs such as "Demi Waktu", "Cinta Dalam Hati", "Andai Kutahu", and "Kekasih Gelap". Other than obtaining a number of multiplatinum awards for their album sales such as "Melayang", "Surgamu", and "Untukmu Selamanya", Ungu's work has also earned them numerous AMI Awards (Indonesia's Music Industry Highest Honours). Furthermore, Ungu is also regarded as a band with noteworthy live performances with their reputation of filling out venues of their live performance, including their latest show "Yang Terbaik Untukmu Concert" in Esplanade Theatre, Singapore, filling up to 1400 seats in the theatre. With their existence and by the marking of their legacy in the Indonesian music industry for 17 years, Ungu is truly one of Indonesia's undoubted music icons.

D'Bagindas Play

D'Bagindas, a Malayan Pop Band by Mike, Tile, Dandy and Bian, has established themselves as the upcoming Kings of Malayan Pop. They have produced many hits songs like "C.I.N.T.A and Empat Mata" and have also won many awards; these awards include the Best Group Pop Album from the SCTV Music Awards. Widely known for accumulating large crowds in their concerts all over Indonesia, they have since earned a reputation as Indonesia's tour kings, making them the preferred band for brand activation campaigns and concerts.
Setia Band, formerly known as ST12, comprises of Charly with his distinctive vocals and Pepeng guitar-playing. In ST12, they have produced frequent hit songs like P.U.S.P.A, that have forever strengthened their position as Indonesia's top Malayan band.

Gamma1 Play

Gamma1, formed in 2006 in Bangka Belitung by Heri & Nilam at vocals, Alung with his guitar, Pandj at Bass, Mandji at keyboard, and Andan at drums, the group is a Malayan Dangdut Band well known in Sumatra, Indonesia. Although the genre the group delves in is not necessarily the most common in the Indonesian music industry, it has certainly become the band's identity and competitive advantage. More importantly, their creations are well-received by music enthusiasts, especially in the Sumatra region. With their album and Ramadan single recently launched, they are ready to spread their music beyond the region of Sumatra, and all over Indonesia.
Noura is an Indonesian vocal group with Hi-Pop (Hijabers Pop) as their music genre. Their debut single is Kekasih Halalmu (The Only One) and recently, they covered one of Indonesia's top band, Ungu's religious popular single, Andai Ku Tahu.
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