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A Day in the Life of Alex Meyer, USA Open Water Swimming National Champion & 2012 Olympian

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Learn what it takes to be an Open Water swimming champion and Olympian by following Alex Meyer through a typical day of training as he prepares physically and mentally to compete with the worlds best swimmers. This documentary follows Alex Meyer through his day -- including early morning swim practices at Harvard's Blodgett pool, demanding functional training at Sayco Performance, open water swims at the legendary Walden Pond in Concord, Ma, and time-efficient power based dryland swim-specific training on Vasa Trainers and Vasa Swim Ergometers. He reveals his secrets of swimming faster, the role of healthy nutrition, and the importance of doing proper recovery from training by using a special recovery pump device, hydration and rest.

Alex Meyer also discusses what motivates him to train and race at the Olympic and World Class athlete level. Family, friends, and a commitment to his dear friend and mentor, the late Fran Crippen, all serve to keep Alex working toward fulfilling his dreams of being the best Open Water swimmer on the planet while also being the best person he can be to the many people in his life.

Alex Meyer competed for the USA at the 2012 London Olympics in Open Water swimming.  He is in training to race well in the next Olympics.  If you would like to support his dream or if you would like to host Alex for motivational speaking, clinics or consulting, contact him at:
Since 1988, Vasa has produced premium quality, "team & club tested" exercise equipment for sports, fitness and PT rehabilitation. For decades, Olympic-level swimmers, swim coaches, triathletes, triathlon coaches, and dry land conditioning coaches worldwide have selected Vasa Trainers and Vasa Ergometers as "must-have" training tools to improve athletic performance with sports-specific strength, endurance, power, and perfecting stroke technique. Vasa is a mainstay for swimmers, triathletes, surfers, kayak, canoe & SUP paddlers, cross fitters, nordic skiers who want the extra edge in sports performance and functional fitness. For more information about Vasa, Inc:

Q&A with Alex Meyer on Vasa Blog: http://vasatrainer.com/blog/

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Faster Freestyle Swimming: 5 ways to Improve Technique & Gain Power Play

If you are a competitive swimmer, swim coach, triathlete, or triathlon coach, this video will teach you how to integrate training with the Vasa Ergometer (Erg) swim bench to achieve dramatic improvements in stroke technique, sustained stroke power, speed and stamina so you can swim faster than ever before.

Masters Swimmer and Coach, Karlyn Pipes, holds more world records than any swimmer ever (over 200 to date). In this video, Karlyn teaches 5 technique points that are central to improving technique and putting more power & efficiency into all 4 strokes. You'll learn how to successfully integrate these 5 techniques into training on the Vasa Ergometer with swimming in the pool or open water. With Karlyn's expert coaching, you'll swim faster with less effort.

Karlyn's 5 Techniques include:
1. Hand Placement how to properly set up the stroke
2. Fingertip Orientation High Elbow Catch or Early Vertical Forearm
3. Wrist Awareness and Karlyn's secret weapon: The Power of the Y
4. Umph at the Front where to apply the power in your stroke
5. Exiting the Stroke reduce drag and use less effort on the recovery

Coach Tim Crowley, 2009 USA Triathlon Elite National Coach of the Year, and renowned multi-sport Coach Al Lyman, explain how to integrate the Vasa Ergometer into fitness routines as a powerful training tool. Focus points include:

• Starting Out - Using the Vasa Ergometer properly • Benefits of Training with the Vasa Power Meter • Integrating Erg Training with Pool Swimming
• Key Erg Workouts - Transitions, Cross Training, Prehab and Rehab

Vasa Ergometer for Dryland Paddle Training and Fitness Play

The Vasa Egometer can be used for year-round kayak, canoe, Dragonboat, outrigger, SUP (standup paddleboard) and surf paddle training. The Vasa Power Meter allows the user to measure watts (power), distance, time, stroke rate, and pace. Functional strength-training exercises can also be done using the handle attachments. Train better, more efficiently, and in less time.
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