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UWill Commercial 1

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The U Will commercial is part of the University of Windsor's recruitment campaign. Show less
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Fall 2013 Marketing Plan: UWill Campaign

With a theme of "UWill," new advertising promoting the University of Windsor plays up the possibilities generated by learning and living on the school's campus.

Print advertisements appearing in publications across southwestern Ontario join commercials in movie theatres, posters in shopping malls, and radio spots sharing messages that promise an exceptional experience for students.

The ads incorporate the new UWindsor logo to form the letter "W" in the heading "UWill," followed by a list of phrases such as Learn, Discover, Grow, Achieve Your Goals, Work Hard and Succeed.

Putting the new imagery front and centre represents both the University's past and its future during its 50th anniversary year, says chief communications officer Holly Ward.

"The UWill campaign reflects our mission of enabling others to make a better world, of empowering people to pursue their dreams and goals and achieve success in the many forms that takes in one's life," she says Holly Ward. "It is an active message that suits not only an enrolment campaign, but can be re-purposed for fundraising, community partnership, alumni engagement and a multitude of other communication uses."

Show your pride in UWindsor and join the discussion on this energized campaign on our UWindsor Facebook page and follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/uwindsor.

Campus Tour Play

Enjoy our tour of the UWindsor campus. The campus is located at the crossroads of North America facing one of Canada's most beautiful waterfronts on the Detroit River. Visit campus yourself and book a tour: http://bit.ly/TaxXwg
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