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Admiral McRaven addresses the University of Texas at Austin Class of 2014

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Remarks by Naval Adm. William H. McRaven, B.J. '77, ninth commander of U.S. Special Operations Command, Texas Exes Life Member, and Distinguished Alumnus.

Admiral McRaven offered advice for changing the world from his 36 years of experience as a Navy SEAL: Ask for help when you need it, respect everyone, persevere through failures and, perhaps surprisingly, make your bed every day. Thanks for the sage words, Admiral. Hook 'em Horns!

University-Wide Commencement, The University of Texas at Austin, May 17, 2014. For more about the 131st Commencement at UT Austin, visit http://www.utexas.edu/know/...

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Commencement 2014: Hook 'em, grads! Play

The University of Texas at Austin Class of 2014 graduated in spectacular style on May 17. Naval Admiral William H. McRaven, ninth commander of the United States Special Operations Command, delivered an inspiring keynote and the fireworks were the best ever. Relive highlights from the festivities and meet four outstanding members of the Class of 2014.

Student Success Stories Play

Among the graduates of UT Austin are people who grabbed their University of Texas experience from Day 1, seeking mentors, conducting research, earning leadership roles, forging connections and making big plans for their next chapters. These students, like so many others, are leaving an indelible mark on their alma mater, and we can't wait to follow their next move.

Longhorn Network Game Changers Play

Game Changers showcases our most dynamic and inspirational faculty with fresh perspectives about contemporary and relevant topics, Game Changers is an opportunity for students, alumni and the community to benefit from lifelong learning offered by The University of Texas at Austin.


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What Starts Here Changes the World: Walter Cronkite Play

What Starts Here Changes the World TV Spots

Featuring Legendary Newsman Walter Cronkite

In 2002, The University of Texas at Austin developed nine new broadcast advertising spots, narrated by legendary newsman Walter Cronkite, that focus on the university as a driving force for discovery and innovation in the Austin community. The ads emphasize how the university and Austin together forge a dynamic, creative and diverse community that few American cities can match.
Screen shot of Tower and view of Austin's skyline from Town Lake in Soul video

The 30-second spots were produced in conjunction with the strategic planning and positioning firm GSD&M Advertising.

The series incorporates a new theme, "What Starts Here Changes the World," developed by the university's Office of Public Affairs and the Center for Brand Research in concert with GSD&M, in a year-long project led by Advertising Professors Neal Burns and Deborah Morrison.

"Austin, Texas is the 'City of Ideas'—a city that brings the doers and dreamers together to see new things, dream new dreams and create things and experiences that make a difference," said Roy Spence, founder and president of GSD&M Advertising.

"The heartbeat of this City of Ideas is the University of Texas, a place of learning, discovery, leadership, freedom and responsibility, where everyone is a student of both our proud heritage as well as a seeker of what is next. The University of Texas and the City of Ideas, working, living and learning together. What starts here changes the world—that is what this new campaign for the University of Texas is all about."

"What starts here at UT is an amazing array of life-altering events," said Morrison, associate professor of advertising. "Certainly, this theme speaks to that energy and optimism."

Air time for the ad spots, which typically are broadcast during televised NCAA sporting events, is provided to the participating universities free of charge.

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