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Uncle Davey

Back in Blighty #10 - Blackwells bookshop

247 views 4 weeks ago
A trip to Blackwells is like a trip down memory lane. Here you get a peak at the Language books on offer to the Oxford University Students...

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Russian Language 101 and 102 with Huliganov Play

Since this series of lessons on the Russian alphabet are enjoying an unexpected level of popularity with people interested in learning Russian , I thought I would group the lessons together in a playlist to make it easier to find them.

The goldlist material, relating to language learning method, is found between the lessons in order to break things up a bit, as are other Huliganov language learning related videos. It isn't all 100% aimed at the Russian learner, but should all be relevant to students of language.

RL 101 course covers the alphabet and RL 102 is in the course of covering grammar other than the focus on nouns and adjectives. The basic cases are taught using pronouns, and verb forms, prepositions and adjectives are all covered at an initial level in the 102 course. The structure of the lessons at the outset contained a joke and a song. In order to keep items shorter and make them easier to handle in Windows Movie Maker, I gradually changed to either a joke or a song. Some lessons, especially in the earlier parts of RL 102, are two parters, other than that they are one part lessons.

Goldlist Method Playlist Play

Here you have a group of videos about the Goldlist Methodology. If these don't answer your questions, there are also numerous articles about it on huliganov.tv. The book is still in course of being written, but you can also read all about it in The Polyglot Project available from syzygycc channel.

Jimmy and the Pink Diamond Play

This is all ten parts of my reading of Leanne Delehanty's timeless children's classic "Jimmy and the Pink Diamond" originally published in Dutch, and read with the kind permission of the authoress, as well as garnished with her own paintings.

A real video book at bedtime for the kids. And not only.

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