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Uni-Systems, LLC

En-Fold Retractable Canopy at Bal Harbour Shops

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When the owners of the prestigious Bal Harbour Shops chose to bring adaptability to the building's inner courtyard, an event space and the connection between the shopping center and the multilevel parking/office structure they chose En-Fold.
With a simple wireless remote control, the En-Fold is deployed across the courtyard space and is tensioned using a patent-pending belt drive system. Strong architectural fabric panels shield the area below from inclement weather or harsh sunlight. The En-Fold can withstand 30 psf wind load when fully tensioned, and is installed at an incline to shed rainwater and prevent water from pooling on the fabric panels. With the addition of the En-Fold, the restaurant owners and event planners can take advantage of the inner courtyard, while assuring that guests will enjoy a consistently
comfortable environment - all with the push of a button.

Plan Area: 4160 sq ft (386.5 sqm)
Number of Units: 1
Projection: 52'
Width: 80'
Number of Drive Beams: 5
Type of Fabric: Sefar Tenara 4T40
Fabric Pretension: 10 lbs per inch
Design Wind Speed: 90mph
Maximum Wind Load: 30psf

Location: Bal Harbour, FL
Completion Date: October, 2013
Project Scope: Design, Supply & Installation
Client: Bal Harbour Shops
Architect: NA
Engineer of Record: Uni-Systems
Project Engineer: Barton Riberich, Uni-Systems Engineering
Project Manager: Rob Dengler, Uni-Systems
Fabric Fabricator: Lightweight Manufacturing
Steel Fabricator: Weldtec & Fab Inc.
Installation Labor: Miami Awning Show less
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