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An 8-year-old Palestinian boy, injured in a missile attack, shares his story

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"I was watching TV with my cousin...they shot two missiles. I told my cousin: run, run, run!," says 8-year-old Abdel Majed Abu Maraheel from Gaza City. Abdel was injured in an Israeli missile attack earlier this week.
Sitting with his son in the hospital, Mohammed Khaled Abu Maraheel asks "This child is 8 years old and he has already lived through three wars. When he becomes a young man, how many wars will he experience?"

Children are bearing the brunt of the worsening violence in Gaza and Israel.The violence is taking a shocking toll on children both physically and psychologically, with alarming consequences for future chances of peace, stability and understanding. UNICEF staff on the ground have spoken with families who describe the deep emotional impact that the current violence is having on children - children who are not sleeping or who are having nightmares, children who have stopped eating, and children who are exhibiting harrowing signs of mental distress.

UNICEF joins the Security Council in calling on all sides to urgently exercise maximum restraint and for the protection of civilians - not only for the sake of peace, but for sake of the children who are suffering the worst of this current violence.

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#ENDviolence against children Play

Children are affected by violence in every country and at all levels of society. But it is often an invisible problem, occurring behind closed doors, or shrouded in silence born of social tolerance, stigma or taboo. UNICEF calls for global support in making the invisible visible, in filling silences with voices to end childhood violence. Join the global movement to #ENDviolence against children.

For more information, visit: http://www.unicef.org/endviolence/.
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