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History 2D: Science, Magic, and Religion, Lecture 1, UCLA

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Lecture Title: "Course Introduction"

March 31st, 2009

Professor Courtenay Raia lectures on science and religion as historical phenomena that have evolved over time. Examines the earlier mind-set before 1700 when into science fitted elements that came eventually to be seen as magical. THe course also question how Western cosmologies became "disenchanted." Magical tradition transformed into modern mysticisms is also examined as well as the political implications of these movements. Includes discussion concerning science in totalitarian settings as well as "big science" during the Cold War.

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Life, Concepts and Issues: UCLA Life Sciences 15 [Complete] Play

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About the Professor:
Dr. Bob Goldberg is a plant molecular biologist who specializes in the area of plant gene expression. The goal of his research has been to understand how plant cells differentiate and how genes are activated selectively in specialized cell types during plant development. He has received UCLA Distinguished Teaching Awards from the Department of Biology and the Department of Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology, and was awarded the all-campus Luckmann Distinguished Teaching Award from the Academic Senate.
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