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Sometimes it's easier to watch a video demonstration than read the instructions. Here, you can find a whole library of do-it-yourself video clips, featuring quick and easy tips from national energy-efficiency experts. Find more ways to save energy at www.txu.com/energysolutions.
TXU Energy is "At Your Service!" With this video series we tackle some common questions about our business and industry, give you tips on how to conserve energy, provide ideas to save money and introduce you to some of the people who work at TXU Energy.

If you have any questions tweet us @txuenergy or find us on facebook.com/txuenergy.
You can also find answers to our Frequently Asked Questions on our website: txu.com/faqs

Energy Saving Solutions Play

Is your electricity bill a little higher than you'd like? Managing how and when you use electricity is the best way to lower your bill and save money. TXU Energy has some energy saving tips to make your home and habits more energy efficient. You can find projects, products and online tools at www.txu.com/energysolutions.

Brighten® iThermostat Web Portal Play

With the Brighten® iThermostat Web Portal, you can easily set, change and monitor your Brighten® iThermostat. Your heating and air conditioning system is the largest energy user in your home and your Brighten® iThermostat can help you control your thermostat and minimize costs. Access the Brighten® iThermostat Web Portal directly at www.txu.com/myithermostat
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