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Chris Geo

TheAntiTerrorist Interview - Truth Frequency - 12/3/2009 Play

Tap into the Truth Frequency every Thursday at 7pm CST.

This week we have been granted an exclusive interview with TheAntiTerrorist, who will speak about everything from false flags, vaccines, economics, how to handle yourself in court and most of all, how to empower your mind.

You can find his work, TheAntiTerrorist Handbook on amazon.com and of course his official website http://www.theantiterrorist.co.uk and jam packed youtube videos on http://youtube.com/theantiterrorist

DMT: The Spirit Molecule - Truth Frequency 12-10-09 Play

Episode originally aired 12-10-2009:

Tap into the Truth Frequency every Thursday at 7pm CST.

This weeks guest, Dr. Rick Strassman, professor, researcher, clinical psychiatrist and author of DMT: The Spirit Molecule, Inner Paths To Outer Space and his upcoming work, Soul Of Prophecy. We will discuss Dr. Strassmans' clinical research into dimethyltryptamine, (DMT), the legal complications of the study, the effects on his subjects and his upcoming work - Souls Of Prophecy available next summer.

His books are available at http://amazon.com and make sure to visit http://rickstrassman for more detailed information or if you would like to set up a one on one consultation with Dr. Strassman.
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