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Trey Smith

the Choice: GOD in a Nutshell (Illusion of Reality & Holographic Universe) by Trey Smith

124,145 views 2 years ago
Choice -- by Trey Smith: Illusion of Reality, Holographic Universe
Theory of Everything http://youtu.be/mtBz1roiQR8

God in a Nutshell (part III of III) The Illusion of Reality and the Holographic Universe.http://youtu.be/TVbJHaK7Tvc
God in a Nutshell (part III of III) LONG http://youtu.be/S-SzIJngWqE
God in a Nutshell (part II of III) http://youtu.be/ybn72lGO4O4
God in a Nutshell (part I of III) http://youtu.be/k--bg7t6iE4

http://godinanutshell.com/ A journey into ETERNITY, PHYSICS, LIFE, DEATH, HUMAN ORIGIN, TIME, SPACE, REALITY, Measurement Problem, Quantum Mechanics?

"What is ETERNITY? What is Life? What happens after DEATH? What are the HUMAN ORIGINS? TIME? SPACE? REALITY? CONSCIOUSNESS?


Bill Nye, Michu Kaku, Stephen Hawking, Morgan Freeman, Evolution, Creation, Origin of Life and Physics http://youtu.be/03yjK--SNJM

God in a Nutshell: FILE 1 Benny Hinn & Occult http://youtu.be/248_RYGtC1o
God in a Nutshell: FILE 2 MAYAN CALENDAR 2012 http://youtu.be/7Y0Xmq9kdxE
God in a Nutshell: FILE 3 TRUTH about Aliens & Demons http://youtu.be/7neCjENu4l8
God in a Nutshell: FILE 4 2012 END of the WORLD http://youtu.be/wdTGrWXJ_7g
God in a Nutshell: FILE 5 Book of Enoch, Fallen Angels, Nephilim, Annunaki http://youtu.be/BZGN6EKjvAo

Official God in a Nutshell website: http://godinanutshell.com/

Original God in a Nutshell letter: THE CHOICE http://youtu.be/TVbJHaK7Tvc

Mike Murdock: 58$ Scam http://youtu.be/73v0XWnDxK8
Mike Murdock: Safe robbery http://youtu.be/kYY5Zz9yV1E
Benny Hinn: 1st interview with his childhood friend http://youtu.be/l73exrXr_hE
Prosperity Gospel: secrets, lies & truth of "Seed-Faith" http://youtu.be/l8a4DdqKHno

Thieves: One dirty TV pastor and the man who robbed him -- TRUE STORY of when Trey Smith committed a safe robbery on Benny Hinn's fundraiser, Mike Murdock, in 1999 -- then ran to Mexico: VIDEO http://youtu.be/kYY5Zz9yV1E
WEBSITE: http://readthieves.com/

To contact Trey Smith: http://www.treysmithbooks.com or Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tre... 1) God in a Nutshell Project http://www.godinanutshell.com

TBN BURGLARIES http://youtu.be/iz-3SXT86VQ
TBN GUN THREAT http://youtu.be/d_v6D57eHNg
TBN LAWSUIT http://youtu.be/Ne8N8LlhfCg Show less
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Trey Smith: Official Videos of Trey Smith Play

Trey Smith covers everything from the safe robbery he committed on Benny Hinn friend Mike Murdock, to Theory of Everything, to the Book of Enoch, to the Illuminati, to the End of the World, to 2012, to Ancient Aliens, to Benny Hinn, to Mayans, etc.
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