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Tim McMorris

Tim McMorris - Dream Again

29,354 views 4 months ago
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Only just a little boy I learned life can be cruel
Said I try to save the world, they told me I'was a fool
And made me their stepping stool

Now I've grown into a man
A fool yes I may be

But all the while, I've kept the dream
Deep down inside of me
And now its breaking, breaking free

Life isn't all the things that we may wish or want
But never cease to give it everything you got
And though some things are stolen, ripped right at the seam
If you have breath, then you still have a chance to dream

Some of us have had the start where everything was given
Some of us have scratched and scrapped to simply make a livin'
But still fight on, just the same

And , money, power, privilege, a dream is so much more
And if you've lost your dream it hurts, if rich or if your poor
You feel it down, right through your core Show less
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