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Preaching to MY Choir

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Can I get an amen?!
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Every day, the TV, the Internet, everyone we KNOW tries to convince us that THEY are right. THEIR views are TRUTH, and it's exhausting. Can I get an amen?

They're so sure their views come correct, that they refuse to listen to any ideas that challenge them. They stop themselves from growing, and it's exhausting! Can I get an amen?

People on the right of me -- the red Republicans -- they act like their views were passed down by God himself with no respect for interpretation, condemning to hell, all those who disagree. Can I get an amen?

People on the left of me -- the blue Democrats -- they act like their views are as right as the laws of physics, with no respect for the living quality of science, dismissing as ignorant, all those who disagree. Can I get an amen?

All of them view every piece of new information that comes their way through the lens of the side they've chosen, closing off their hearts and their minds from each other AND ultimately from their own true selves. Can I get an amen?

Both sides have their mouthpieces, politicians and media, who never ever stray from saying anything other than what their audiences expect to hear, no matter what the issue, no matter the individual circumstances. They all are just preaching to a choir of sheep, can I get an amen?

I'm sick of seeing dumb people, smart people, ALL people blindly following these two ideologies that are way too oversimplified to reflect even the simplest among us. Can I get an amen?

I'm sick of watching everyone all over the world engage in this US VERSUS THEM mentality that is used by the powers that be everywhere to keep us ALL sedated and stupid. Can I get an amen?

Where is MY choir -- the people who refuse to pick a side, who allow themselves AND OTHERS to agree with US sometimes and agree with THEM other times. Where is the choir of respect that takes the time to listen to people and stories with open minds, and open hearts? Can I get a please get an amen?

Is there a choir evolved enough to realize that in this infinite universe where we are but motes, the only thing we can ever know for sure is that we'll never know anything for sure. Am I wrong to hope that choir exists? For the love of humanity, can I please get an amen?
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