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When you think about it, Normal Citizens are generally restricted from seeing all sorts of things. What kind of fun is that? Obviously, there are reasons we can't wander into the unisex bathrooms at the U.S. Supreme Court whenever we feel like it, or even the Scientologists-only bowling alley in Tom Cruise's basement.

But insofar as it's possible, arts writer Rick Koster and multimedia producer Peter Huoppi are trying to break through some of those barriers and take you Behind the Scenes throughout the region, in places you might otherwise never get to see.

Where would YOU like to go Behind the Scenes? Email your suggestions to Rick Koster at r.koster@theday.com or Peter Huoppi at p.huoppi@theday.com.

Rick Koster Video Columns Play

Columnist/strange-person Rick Koster and videographer/producer Peter Huoppi are both highly entertained by the lunacy of the world. As such, they delicately chip pieces of kookery from the odd sculpture called Life Itself — and present their collective impressions and opinions through regular video columns. While Peter prefers craft beers, Rick will drink anything you don't have to sift.
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