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Rally Point - Episode 20: Free, new content and upcoming DLC announced!

77,242 views 2 months ago
Thanks to all of our fans for watching 20 episodes of Rally Point!

We've got a couple of neat exclusives for you guys this month, including:

FREE-LC announced and detailed! - 1:48
Author and archaeologist David Gibbins talks stuff!: 3:16
New DLC announced! - 8:36
Thank you from the studio! - 10:58
Oh dear! - 11:53

We'd love it if you could share Rally Point with your friends and let them know what's coming up for ROME II in the coming days. Thank you all again for watching Rally Point over this past 20 episodes. It's been a hell of a ride, and we can't wait to see you all again in Rally Point 21.

For more info on Destroy Carthage or just to find out more about David Gibbins, head on over to his site:


Also thank you to the amazing Professor Elemental for that video at the end. For more infomation on that splendid chap and the music he makes, for more infomation please head on over to:


See you next time!

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