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terminal pictures/Andre Perkowski

I Was a Teenage Beatnik (Trace Beaulieu-voiced trailer) 2014

441 views 6 months ago
With Neil Innes, Dick Contino, Ted V. Mikels and CASH FLAGG. A film by Andre Perkowski - DVD out now: http://www.amazon.com/Teena...

-- What, really? Yes. Maladjusted teenager Pete Perkowitz has trouble coping with society and finds refuge in suburban noise rock and his slang-slinging loser friends until mad science and eventual mutation intervenes in this dramatic parable about the problems of juvenile delinquency. A searing indictment of society in a way that stands up to repeat viewings if you're into that sort of thing. Stopmotion, Super-8/8mm/16mm/DV is shredded like confetti and desperately woven together to form some sort of "moving picture film" for your eventual edification and click-clickity-click consumption.

Tetsuo meets Wild Guitar. Plus, it has Dick Contino in it. Smacking a bagel out of the title character's hand.

You can't get service like that from the leading film, which also lacks Neil Innes lecturing America's Youth on the savage realities of the recording industry. Not to mention Ray Dennis Steckler in one final from beyond the grave cameo as his alter ego... CASH FLAGG.

Features a feverish soundtrack by those foppish darlings of the dreary set, The Farmingdale Sound Machine.

"Beatnik eventually throws all logic right out the window and kicks coherency's ass right to the curb." - Underground Film Journal need more headaches? Try the soundtrack: http://www.amazon.com/Teena... Show less
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William Burroughs NOVA EXPRESS 1999-2014 Play

3 hour experimental epic adaptation of the novel by William S. Burroughs... with Allen Ginsberg, Brion Gysin, Phil Proctor, Peter Bergman, Kathleen Cecchin, Jürgen Ploog, and Anne Waldeman

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Shorts, collages, confusion, context, interviews, and oddities about The Firesign Theatre by Andre Perkowski

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"A Belly Full of Anger" -- now available on DVD! Play

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Ed Wood's "Devil Girls" & "The Vampire's Tomb" Play

Bits and pieces of my project to revive the corpse of Ed Wood Jr. in the form of several feature films and shorts. I managed two features and a short thus far, trailers in here. Yep, they are finally finished... so enjoy tasteful pitches for "DEVIL GIRLS" and "THE VAMPIRE'S TOMB" with Phil Proctor of the Firesign Theatre commanding us to be shocked, aroused, and electrified.
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