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Community Rules of TektonTV

5,874 views 2 years ago
This replaces the list I had in the channel description (since YT now restricts that to only 5000 chars). No need to watch this unless you're relatively new to the channel and want to know -- or want to see how I plan to clean out the whiners and make this a better place for intelligent discussion. ;)

Here's a sum of the rules (not the full text):

1) I don't allow profanity or blasphemy. You'll get warned once if I think it is unintentional, banned if I think it is intentional.

2) Those who complain about "censorship" or lack of ratings will be banned at once as having nothing useful to say (as they will have proved it by so doing).

3) Do you use stereotyped phrases like "bronze age sky daddy" or "Jewish zombie carpenter"? The door's that way and I'll escort you out at once.

4) Same thing is you leave comments like "this is stupid" and nothing else. Either address the arguments in the vid or don't bother.

5) Comments need to stick to the topic of the vid. I'll allow a little off topic commentary but will stop it before it goes too far.

6) Limit one comment at a time per comment you reply to. IOW no "continued" messages. If you want to debate, see me at TheologyWeb.

7) Honest questions are always welcome. Ask me for the usernames of "model citizens" (particularly non-Christians) here if you have any doubts.

8) If you throw out an accusation/comment showing you didn't watch the vid, say bye-bye.

Again, see the vid for fuller explanations. Show less
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