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"The Itsy Bitsy Spider" - (Spellfury Season 2 Episode 5)

146,613 views 11 months ago
"The Itsy Bitsy Spider" (Spellfury Season 2 Episode 5) Written and Directed by Travis Gordon
The fantasy webseries Spellfury is back with another action packed episode. The episode features a 10 foot high spider which the elf heroine Druinia (Played by Julie O'Halloran) must battle with her magic sword "illzerah". A new blue skinned villaness named Davinica (Played by Lisa Forrester) makes her first appearance in the series and is sure to stir things up. Her powers match Kruskull's (Main Villian) and she's been hired to finally free the red dragon from the mountain.
Spellfury is proud to have the book "Forging of a Knight" by Hugo V. Negron as a sponsor on this episode. This year the Spellfury series has been an official selection of the 2013 Hollyweb Festival and the 2013 Gencon Indy Festival.
You can watch the episode free at www.spellfury.com and make sure you check after the credits ;) Show less
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