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Thermal And A Quarter (TAAQ)

Thermal And A Quarter - Grab Me

17,117 views 4 years ago
Album: 3 Wheels 9 Lives
Stuck in a rut. Watching the moments pile up into hours adding up into days accumulating into weeks and months and years. Dreams dreamed, but chances missed. And when the blues get you down, only the Blues will do as a pick-me-up. Make that a pick-me-up on steroids - a 'Grab-Me (up)'. Try this one.


It's one thirty o clock in the morning
Woke up late last night
If that isn't right
To start the blues bar
Then the sorry girls are winning the fight

Feeling mighty high and low
Just like I did some crooked lines
Funny because I'm clean and dry
Never needed any joy juice to get high
I play in a cool smart rock n roll band
It's like the only thing that makes it go round
Been everywhere but the big time lover
Somewhere this ruby yacht ran aground Grab me by my fingertips and take me off this page Dance me to the ground it's lover-ly How lots of chocolates can mystify the mage I'm not about to shake my cage Losing my mind with the daily wage

I get home early, shut off my head
And fire all my synapse slaves
It's pleasant and even mildly euphoric
Oh these after-burner polychrome waves
Rise up with the sorry sunlight
That bleeds all over the floor
The shadows shrink as I pour my first drink
It's a Boost in the mug with no happy encore Grab me by my fingertips and take me off this ride Dance me to the ceiling it's lover-ly How honest work can crucify my pride I'm just about to set aside A modicum of love and a paisa-worth of bromide Show less
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