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Jack Spirko

Establishing a Food Forest with Jack Spirko

22,261 views 7 months ago
A post with all the resources mentioned in this presentation, prints of the design and the PowerPoint deck is available at http://www.thesurvivalpodca... Show less
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The Hugelkultur Project Play

A group of videos cataloging my experimentation and results using hugelkultur, permaculture and swales.

The QE3 (QE Infinity) Gambit Play

How QE3 will work and what it will lead to.

Survival Fishing with Flowers Play

In this 4 part series Jack from The Survival Podcast [ http://thesurvivalpodcast.com ] takes you fishing with a minimalist kit. Jack's kit in this video consists of...

1. A small assortment of snelled hooks
2. A cheapo one dollar knife
3. A small spool of monofilament line
4. A small hank of parachute cord

In this part Jack uses the make shift fishing pole from part one and a few flower blossoms to catch some initial fish, develop a meat and bait source and continue to build on that success.
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