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Death Battle Audition :: Thor vs Kratos

23,275 views 10 months ago
If you are unfamiliar with the Death Battle series by ScrewAttack, go check them out here!:

I've been hired to animate an episode of Death Battle! it'll probably be up on YouTube in a few months. I'll update you guys when it's uploaded on their channel :P. They had me animate this to see if I was qualified.

So a little bit of behind the scenes, I don't come up with who wins and such, I receive a storyboard and then I just make it move and look pretty. Click this to see the storyboard image: http://puu.sh/3GcNb . They wanted me to make a quick animation (this video) to see if I could execute it to their liking. So I whipped this up really quick to show em', promise the actual episode will look better, I admit to this looking a bit sloppy.

Thanks for reading!

Song: Dangan Ronpa OST- Thousand Knocks

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