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Armed Citizens United (ACU) Gun Rights Organization

118,542 views 5 months ago
Fun Gun Reviews Presents: "Armed Citizens United" A new Gun Rights Organization that launches November 11th 2013.

Armed Citizens United Website: http://armedcitizensunited....

Armed Citizens United Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ar...

Please Join the ACU and unite with other gun owners to stand for our 2nd Amendment Rights!

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Various Gun & Gear informal reviews, break down and shooting videos. We are very pro-2nd Amendment and Pro-Capitalism! Too many Guns, not enough Funds!
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    Sensible Survival Presents: The "Bug Out Weapons Bag". If you ever need to "Bug Out", having your firearms and ammo together can be vital to you and your family's survival. Be prepared & organized ...
  • Ruger 10/22 22LR Rifle

    Fun Gun reviews Presents: The Ruger 10/22 22lr Semi-Auto Rifle. Since it's early beginning in 1964, the 10/22 is America's Best selling rifle for many good reasons.

    Thanks for watching~ Sootch00
  • K98 Mauser German WWII Rifle

    Fun Gun Reviews Presents: The K98 Mauser 8mm Rifle used by the German Wehrmacht throughout WWII. Issued to troops in 1935 to 1945, this bolt action rifle is a legend.

    Thanks for watching~
  • Kriss Vector Submachinegun 45ACP Full Auto

    Fun Gun Reviews Presents: The KRISS Vector Super V 45acp Submachinegun. "Best CQB weapon on the Planet" by the Military Channel: Ultimate Weapons.

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  • M1903A3 Springfield Rifle Review

    Fun Gun Reviews Presents: The Springfield M1903A3 U.S. Military Rifle Review. Adopted in 1905 and issued as the main battle rifle until 1937, but saw service throughout WWII and on into limited ser...
  • S&W M&P 15-22 Rifle with Slide Fire Stock

    Fun Gun Reviews Presents: The Slide Fire Stock on a S&W M&P 15-22. Robbie Wheaton at Wheaton Arms put together this system and it's a blast to shoot.

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Sensible Survival is a way prepare yourself and those you love for the possiblility of a Crisis or life threatening disaster without making major changes to your lifestyle. Doing a little at a time to give yourself a fighting chance of coming through a major Crisis situation and no going broke in the process. .
  • Bug Out Bag Survival Bag

    Sensible Survival Presents: "Bug Out Bag". Having the necessary items in a major Crisis to keep you alive for 72hrs to get from point A to Point B.

    Items in the B.O.B. :
    Maxpedition Condor Bac...
  • Preppers are Crazy

    "Preppers Are Crazy"... But They're Not as Crazy as They Use to Be.

    This video was uploaded previously to my Sensible Prepper Channel and the comments were so positive that I decided to put it o...
  • Car Survival Kit

    Sensible Survival Presents: The "Car Survival Kit". We're in our car on the road, far away from home. It's just makes sense to have a backup plan in case of trouble.

    Aloksak Website: http://www...
  • SHTF: 10 reasons for a 22LR Firearm

    Fun Gun Reviews Presents: The "10 Reasons 22LR is Good For SHTFl".

    Thanks for watching! Sootch00
  • The Get Home Bag

    Sensible Survival Presents: "The Get Home Bag". Getting home would be of utmost importance after a major disaster. Having what you need for survival without the Fluff is what this bag is all about....
  • The Best Prepper Back Pack

    ***This is from my Sensible Prepper Channel but has been so well received that I decided to add it to the Sootch00 Project.

    Sensible Survival Presents: "The Best Prepper Backpack" which is the Mi...
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