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The Smithsonian Is...

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The Smithsonian asks and answers questions about science, art, history and culture, exciting the learning in everyone, every day.

Our experts share their ideas and our treasures through our museums, research centers and libraries; on our websites, magazines and media channels; and with partners across America and around the globe. We learn in all different ways, with all different kinds of people.

For more about how you can learn with Smithsonian, visit www.si.edu.

The Smithsonian relies on the generosity of people like you. Please support the Smithsonian today and help us bring alive our nation's history, culture, art and science for people around the world.
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The Smithsonian asks and answers questions every day about science, art, history and culture. Look for the SIQ symbol and ask and answer some questions along with us!

See more SIQs at http://seriouslyamazing.com
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