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Six Pack Shortcuts

Can Eating Fat Get You Ripped?

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Secret to Ripped Abs:

Yo what's up guys!

It's Mike with Sixpack Shortcuts and today we're going to be talking about the topic of:

- "Can fat get you ripped?"

Pay attention to this one because this is a common misconception that people often have. It's knowledge like this that can get you that much closer to the body of your dreams!

0:18 Why would someone suggest that you eat more fat if you're trying to lose fat?
- Logically it doesn't make any sense, but I eat tons of fat everyday!
- And I want you to do the same so you can get RIPPED.

0:35 This is why fat helps you to lose fat:
- Fat is an energy source, just like carbohydrates.

- So when you eat a meal you want the following:
1) Protein for your muscles (not an energy source)
2) Veggies for digestion - the best source of fiber and antioxidants
3) Fat or Carbs for energy

1:45 So Carbs or Fat?
- They are both energy sources, but the difference is that carbs absorb faster because fat is denser.
- 1 gram of fat is 9 calories while 1 gram of carbs is 4 calories.
- So, it seems that you would obviously choose carbs as your energy source when trying to lose weight, right?

2:18 The reality is that fat digests slower, so when your body gets energy is does 1 of 2 things with it:
1) It burns it off
2) It stores it

2:42 So, since carbs absorb faster this means that you need to quickly burn it off or it gets stored as fat.

3:05 If you want to lose weight, then you need to make sure that the energy you are taking in can be burned off and not stored in your body.
- Carbs absorb too fast.
- Since fat absorbs slower, this means that after you eat you can do low intensity things because you can just burn it off as it goes.
- With carbs you have to do more high intensity things to burn it off since it is being absorbed into your body so quickly.

4:12 So, what if you're really, really active or play sports?
- There are going to be times when you need to do some really strenuous activities.
- In that case, go ahead and eat carbs! You're going to need it. If you don't carb up, then you may run out energy half way through whatever you're doing.

5:03 So when else can you eat carbs?
- After you exhaust your energy sources - or glycogen levels.
- You shouldn't carb up every time, only the times when you have completely exhausted your energy source completely

- For example:
1) Leg day
2) When you do very heavy or compound lifts
- dead lifts, bent over rows, squats, cleans, pretty much lifts that use a lot of your body to complete.

6:03 When you're carbing up, you just take all the fat out of your meal - and if you're not carbing, then you just take out the carbs and add fat.
- This way, the total amount of calories will stay the same - relatively.

6:19 Here is an example of some meal choices:
Meal example: Steak, spinach and brown rice.
- The steak is pretty fatty so on days that I'm not carbing, I get the rice out of there and even add some fat.
- My favorite fat source is AVOCADO! - I eat about 4 - 5 of these a day!

- If you don't like avocados, then here are some other good options:
1) Nuts (macadamia, pumpkin seeds, almonds, walnuts, etc...)
2) Coconut Oil
3) Avocado Oil
4) Olive Oil and Balsamic - This is a new combination I'm currently trying
5) Chia Seeds - Has a lot of carbs, but it all comes from the fiber which helps to clean your body out, so this is ok.

8:59 So this is what I recommend, guys - Only eat carbs if you are about to do something very strenuous.
- If you're not sure if you need to carb up, I suggest that you eat just 1 carb meal on leg day after you work out.
- Start off that way, then watch the pounds just fall off. If you're beginning to feel that you need more energy after a couple weeks of this, then slowly bump up your carbs to your body needs.

9:48 But if you're feeling that way, you can just up your fats.
- 30 - 40% of your diet should be fat.
- Sounds crazy, but I have been doing this for a while and it works!
- Everything is creamy and yummy so I can easily stick to my diet!

I hope you enjoyed these tips, if you need more workouts and more tips like this one come back and check us out. Leave your comments below, tell us what you think and don't forget to send in your progress pics!


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Looking back I realize now how far I've come in my fitness journey. I didn't always weight train and I was pretty uncomfortable in the gym. Despite all that, I never let it discourage me and kept seeking out ways to better myself. Finally, I found this one amazing "training tip" and it put me on the fast track to reaching my goals. Now, I have the muscular body and hard-core abs of my dreams!

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Train hard,

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