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Six Pack Shortcuts

The Biggest Fat Burning Cardio Mistake

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Get ripped abs fast:

What's up,

It's Mike Chang with sixpackshortcuts, and today we are going to talk about the biggest mistake guys make when they are doing empty stomach cardio. And I used to make this mistake as well, so not to worry. But let's fix it now so you can be on your way to having the six pack abs you've always wanted.

Video breakdown:

0:32 It's all about heart rate when you are trying to burn fat, and when your heart rate is too high your body doesn't have the chance to lose fat.

1:41 When your heart rate is too high, your body with look for an easy fuel source to utilize. And with muscle is easier for your body to use, so you burn muscle.

2:58 The best way to make sure your heart rate isn't too high is simple. Yes, you can use heart rate monitors, but to make it easier you should make sure you are always able to carry on a conversation. When you can't hold a conversation anymore, you need to slow down.

4:02 I try to keep my heart rate around 120-125. I do some abs to warm up and then I jump on a stair master and do low level on it.

5:02 If you can't make it to the gym, you can do low intensity interval training exercises at home. You can do things like jump roping or jumping jacks anywhere!

7:20 When you do cardio, start out with a short routine that lasts about ten minutes. And as you get better at it, you can push yourself more and more.

And if you want the know how I got ripped abs fast:


I used to think I was never going to get abs. I tried a ton of different workouts and tried working out for hours, but nothing seemed to work. I knew I couldn't give up and I knew there had to be a way to get them. So my search came to an end when I finally found this one "trick" that got me ripped six pack abs. Now I have the body I've always wanted.

Could the "trick" be the one thing that is missing in your workouts?

You deserve to know:


Train Hard,


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