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SinixDesign Channel Trailer

30,554 views 1 year ago
Welcome to my channel. Enjoy your stay and always feel welcome to participate or provide feedback. Feel free to subscribe if you think this channel is right for you. Show less
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Artist Showcase Play

My personal favorite project. A video series for showcasing other artists and their work processes. Generally containing light interviewing and guest commentary.

Art Theory Tutorials Play

Videos that cover various aspects of both artistic theory, creativity, and specific digital painting concepts.

Design Lab Play

A series that sets out to create a unique design based on a given topic while sharing the entire creative process. Viewer participation is common.

Painting Faces Play

A 12 part tutorial series covering the digital painting of faces and skin tones over an illustration made for the series, containing over a dozen different faces.

VSB Play

Video Sketchbook. A place for various digital paintings and some loose commentary to go along with them.

Art Direction Review

Taking a closer look at the Art Direction in famous media and understanding it's appeal and lasting influences.

Let's Explore DeviantART Play

A slightly comedic series that focuses on critiquing the popular frontpage artwork on DeviantART. Usually with a focus on actual honest art theory based critiques.

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