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One Simple Question

One Simple Question: Trailer V2 - The Iceberg Trailer

6,882 views 7 months ago
V 2.0
A new trailer for 2014 showing some of the sailors and scientists in One Simple Question. Get notification of DVD availability http://simplequestionmovie.com

One Simple Question is a film about a journey to find an iceberg. Well nothing is that simple, especially aboard a small sailboat...

The message? To inspire people to get outside, explore and cherish the world we live in. To come up with your own simple simple quest, and act on it. To live your questions, now - before it's too late.

Andreas Meunchow
John Kretschmer
Yves Gelinas
Pam Wall
Nigel Calder
Fiammo Straneo
Dave & Jaja Martin
Lin & Larry Pardey
Wallace J Nichols
John & Amanda Neal
George Day

Music by:
Tim Eriksen
Steve Goldstein Show less
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