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Rob Nunn

SCL Photography Guide: The Olympus Trip 35 Film Camera

534 views 1 month ago
A fresh look at an old classic, to get you shooting your old Trip 35 or perhaps to interest you in investing in this great little film camera.

Includes guide to buying, checking, loading and shooting with the camera. Bonus flash guide at the end.

Thanks, Rob.

Video Details:
This video was a real challenge to edit, it wasn't until I was two hours in that I realised that Premier Pro is crap at syncing audio / video in the timline - you've got to creat a multi camera clip, then you can edit on the fly. (Which is soooo amazingly easy!)

Canon 600d / T3i dSLR main camera, 1080p, manual exposure ( auto ISO, f/3 1/50th on the 40mm pancake), auto white balance.

Logitech C920 HD Webcam at 720p for close-ups, manual exposure, manual wb, manual focus.

OBS to record screencasts.

Audio: Zoom H1 with AT3350 lav, manual levels.
Audio put through Levelator 2 & noise reduction in Audacity.
All edited and synced in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Show less
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