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Rob Olmsted

How to use your basic sewing machine 1

382,219 views 5 years ago
Bypass the Intro: http://youtu.be/i_6T38CW2Pw
If you have your mother's or grandmother's old sewing machine or picked one up at a garage sale of flea market, but aren't quite sure how it works...Pam is here to Help!!
here is part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watc... Show less
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Sewing Machine Maitenance Play

Pam gives a step by step, easy to follow, lesson on how to do basic maintenance on your Sewing Machine.
"Thank you so much! This is SO helpful!! I feel empowered to service my own machine now. What a blessing!!!"

"Bless you! I think this might be the answer to my problem."

"omg i love you. because i couldn't figure out how to put my retaining ring and whatnot back in . :) you made me so happpy "

Thanks for putting up these videos. Really useful. I have had my machine for more than 25 years but haven't used it in a long while so this has been very helpful to get it back into a good condition without having to spend lots of money.

Learn to use your Basic Mechanical Sewing Machine Play

Do you have your mother's old sewing machine or did you buy a used machine at a garage sale? Pam gives the most in-depth demonstration on how to use many of the most common makes and models.
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