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On the Job with Rob Cohee - Blooper Reel

5,176 views 3 years ago
It's not as easy as the editors make it out to be. In this episode we have a little fun with Rob as he struggles to close out the RND Automation series. Properly edited to still be safe for work, see if you can hold a straight face... Enjoy! Show less
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Autodesk Inventor Fundamentals Play

Autodesk Technical Evangelist walks you through the fundamentals of Autodesk Inventor. Basic part sketching, navigation, part modeling, assembly modeling, analysis, and drawing creation. Make the most of your 30 day free trial with this tutorial series.

Autodesk On the Job - Federal Equipment Company Play

Autodesk Manufacturing Evangelist Rob Cohee heads out to Cincinnatti, OH with a little help from the SIM Squad to see how they designed, and manufactured the worlds first magnetically powered elevator. Come to find out Federal Equipment is an extremely diverse and growing company.

Autodesk On the Job - Carousel Works Play

In this episode of On the Job Rob visits Inventor of the Month customer Carousel Works. Carousel works is the world's largest manufacturer of hand carved wooden carousels. Hand carved and Inventor of the Month? That's what he thought so he headed off to Ohio to see how leading edge technology is mixing with old school craftsmanship.
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