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Linda LaScola and Andy Thomson discuss "Caught in the Pulpit:Leaving Belief Behind" Part 1 of 2

35,915 views 4 months ago
Linda LaScola discusses the book she co-authored with Daniel Dennett, Caught in the Pulpit: Leaving Belief Behind, with Andy Thomson, Trustee, Richard Dawkins Foundation.

Part 1: The Clergy Project and the clergy study: participants and findings. Show less
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Meet the Amaz!ng TAMers- All Videos Play

RDFRS's Joel Guttormson interviews a variety of speakers from TAM 2013 presented by the James Randi Educational Foundation.

Jaclyn Glenn's RDF videos

Jaclyn Glenn is a...

You can see more of her video on her channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCravYcv6C0CopL2ukVzhzNw

Lawrence Krauss Discussion - Richard Dawkins Play

See more at http://richarddawkins.net

Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss sat down for a public discussion at Stanford University on Sunday, March 9th 2008. The focus was on Science education, but the discussion also covered religion, physics, evolution and more. This video will be released on DVD soon at RichardDawkins.net , along with other new unmoderated discussions with Richard Dawkins.
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