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Rap Song in 7 Different Languages

49,782 views 1 month ago
DJ Xross's links:

This is the sequel to my first language rap which you can find right here: https://www.youtube.com/wat...
I kept the original 6 languages (English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, German & Korean) and added Farsi to the mix as well. I also threw in some vacation footage from a trip I took to China last summer at the end of the video.
Check out the behind-the-scenes video here:

Lyrics written by me.
Language consultants: Jose Macias, Arseniy Vasilyev, Michael Manov, Jasmine Oh, Steve Nam, Kevin Lee & Imaan Taghavi
Vocals performed by me.
Beat produced by DJ Xross.
Song mixed and mastered by DJ Xross.
Video shot by me and Lilia Doytchinova (China footage shot by TheBlankCards)
Video directed and edited by me.

As I said 7 times in the video, thank you so much for watching! I really appreciate your support. Stay tuned for future material!

Alright, alright, alright, eyo
If you don't know me, my name is Liu, I'm bringing that international flow
This is my second language song, because one is really not enough
When my friend heard the first song, he requested
My autograph, of course, I answered, "Okay"
I wrote my autograph, and when I gave it to him, he was very glad
I'm a nice person that makes my friends happy
You don't like me? I don't care, get the hell out of here
Alright, that was my warm up, now let's make some of these lines multilingual
Let me tell you, if you don't like me, you must be mad
Because I'm doing great like I just won the fucking lotto
Around the world, people are starting to recognize my name
But I know at any moment it could all go kaput
I'm kidding when I act important and conceited like I'm all fly
I know that compared to others, I'm a small fry
But honestly, if you don't like me, you can suck on these
Now listen to me spit some shit in Chinese
Parents who know me all want to have their daughters marry me and be my wife because they all understand
In the future, I will have surplus and success, because they can all see that I'm very talented
Everyday I hear people fucking babbling about this or that because they like to talk a lot
But they're all talking nonsense, what they say has no meaning, but they don't care, they just care about buying name brand products
That's right, I succeed like my name was Jackie Chan
Any motherfucking hater wanna battle me, you better motherfucking warn them like "Attention"
I'm rising up like the skyscrapers in Pudong
I hit hard like a missile, you can call me Dongfeng
Honestly, sometimes I get tired of people's bullshit
If you act like a bitch, I'ma let you know
There are people who criticize what I say, man, don't be a faggot
That is some shit, man, I'ma shoot a motherfucker with my AK
Please excuse my accent, man, let me say it again
Honestly, man, I apologize for my accent
Thank you so much for listening, let me say thank you
Thank you, thanks, thank you, thank you, thank you Show less
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