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Channel Trailer 2.0 - Featuring: nvidia Shadowplay

5,006 views 8 months ago
Download full quality 1080p @ 60fps MP4 (523.8Mb)

I put the download link above to the people that usually don't expand the description box.
I think it's important to appreciate the difference of quality from youtube and how the original video is.

Last week, i was recording some random stuff while testing the new Shadowplay feature from the recent released nvidia drivers.

With the new drivers and the Shadowplay software included in the nvidia experience application, nvidia allows to use the hardware h264 encoder included in all the kepler based graphic cards (series 600 and up). It's like you have a hardware recorder inside the graphics card.

This is a great improvement, since all the hard work of encoding is all done by this specific hardware instead the main cpu, so this time the performance impact is really really low (almost unnoticeable) as expected.

I done this trailer with some games i have tested with shadowplay. The gameplay is just low level stuff and such, but you will see the difference between the youtube quality and the original (already re-encoded since i edited it), mostly because the 60fps. By now the major limitation of shadowplay is to record only in true full screen (no borderless window or other fake full screen method is supported yet).

Tell me what you think in the comments, should i put the MP4(1080p@60fps) file to my future videos or is just enough with the youtube one?

Here are the games in the video (in appearance order):

-Aion (EU)
-ArcheAge (KR)
-Vindictus (EU)
-ACR (Auto Club Revolution)
-Star Conflict
-Dungeon Striker (KR)
-EOS (Echo of Soul KR)
-Blade & Soul (KR)
-HERO:Fighters Club (KR)
-Phantasy Star Online 2 (JP)
-Ridge Racer Driftopia
-Path of Exile
-Dragon Nest (EU)
-Guild Wars 2

Music: Youtube Music Library - Engine Fire

More channel trailers:

Video recorded & edited by rendermax.

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