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Home - Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros Acoustic Cover (Jorge, Alexa & Eliana Narvaez)

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UPDATE: 4/11/2014
Some very unfortunate news. At 4am, my mother was driven to San Diego tied up in chains, denied breakfast and with swollen hands, she was told the bad news that her Asylum case was denied. It seems like having a US Army Veteran son, the extortion calls and fear for her life is not enough proof that she needs to be here in the US with her family. Tired and hungry, she was crying to me over the phone contemplating her arms were so swollen and why it is so hard for a mother to be with her children. An attorney I spoke to said that as a result of the Elvira Arellano's release and the demonstration that took place in Otay, they're using my mom and the other mom's denials as a form of retaliation and are setting an example of them. They're punishing my mother Esther. More than 60% of the asylum cases in Arizona have been denied. That's 20X higher than normal denials. The Arizona judges and USCIS are clearly using my mother as an example. An appeal will take place for my mom in front of a judge soon, but it is highly unlikely that they'll reconsider. The only way now to release my mother is to get more POLITICIANS involved. If you could please push this message out to a politician and anyone in the NEWS that can spread the message please do so. My mother is running out of time. Some of the children and women in hunger strikes are running out of time. I'm really scared. I don't know what else to say but to pray for a solution. Please spread the word. President Barack Obama, you need to wake up and see what you're doing to families across the United States. The same families that voted for you are the same families being destroyed. I will not stop until my mother is home. #bringestherhome #bringthemhome

Here's my mother's information if any of you need to use it to spread the word or send a letter, my mother wanted me to share it with you all. Hopefully it serves purpose

Esther Alvarado Valdivia
San Luis Detention Center
Booking #2014030642
Facility Number: 285301
Room 810 Bed#9

Hi everyone, its been a tough week. But I wanted to share this new cover of "Home" with BOTH my daughters (Eli was nervous but I'm so proud!) with an important purpose. I support the Bring Them Home project. My mother Esther Alvarado, is currently detained with the 150 families trying to come home. No one should be forced to live away from their loved ones.. If you believe in family reunification, please support us by signing the national petition to bring them home and staying informed by following the National Immigrant Youth Alliance. FAMILY IS SACRED Thank you."



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