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  • Boring predictable comment I'm about to make, but you sound Australian when you do a 'cockney accent'.

    Jellied Eels aka Unagi's Evil Twin - Why Would You Eat That?

    • by Tasted
    • 11 months ago
    The British have not been known for their food and this week on Why Would You Eat That? Michael Truly and the gang find out one of the reasons why - jellied eel. This slimy friend is sliced up an...
  • Reading internet comments makes me lose faith in humanity nevermind work. All the awful people trying to convince you the holocaust never happened or that human beings were magically created out of nothing or how great guns are... after that I've had enough with human beings and their thoughts they try to pass off as facts.

  • You should be proud of your club, as should fans of Hartlepool, Arsenal, Walsall, Barnsley, Barcelona etc. I know a Chelsea fan who used to be a Saints fan, said he supported Chelsea as he grew older because the football was better. Well going on how we played yesterday, our football is just as attractive as any other team, I have no time for glory hunters, its not about the glory, its about so much more.

    BBC 606 - Argument between Robbie Savage and Sheffield Wedensday fan - 24,3,2012

    An argument broke out between Robbie Savage and a regualr caller to the show who supports Sheffiled Wedendsday. Argument mainly consists of the history of Sheffield Wedensday and how big the club i...
  • I knew it, the internet is so predictable. I knew someone couldn't resist responding to my comment without 'educating' me on the history of halloween, about how it is some Wiccan festival or ancient british blah blah blah. Yes your absolutely right the celts dressed up as hollywood monsters and went from door to door collecting sweets from people, thats where we get that tradition from, definitely not the United States of Marketing and Sales (and if your not already aware, I'm being sarcastic).

    Ashens Halloween Special 2013

    • by ashens
    • 5 months ago
    Confetti! Not-Lego! Masks! The Silver Skull! Exclamation marks!!!!
  • Cool, hope you enjoy your time there.

    Moving Out and Moving In

    A montage of all the clips I filmed whilst moving to university three weeks ago (when published) and visiting the new city I am now living in on the first day.

    More videos about university coming ...
  • I've never been a big fan of 'truth being objective'. OK so the truth can be manipulated and interpreted in various ways certainly but when people say that the truth is entirely objective it tends to make me think they are saying that to back up their own problematic beliefs. Nothing is 100% certain, doesn't mean that nothing can be determined as true. The problem for me is not necessarily how accurate a film is, but when history is twisted to serve a particular ideology.

    Kermode Uncut: True Stories?


    There was a news story at the weekend about a history professor being hired to check that certain films stuck to the facts. Why the sudden interest in historical accura...
  • The thing that is most horrifying to me is that, after all this time, with all the evidence, there are still those who deny it outright and claim it never happened (or not to that scale). To me that is just as great a tragedy, that humanity will twist the truth in whatever way they feel suits there own needs, and no amount of evidence no matter how strong will clear the fog from their minds.

    Siskel and Ebert Best Movies of the 1980's (part 2 of 3)

    Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert special edition of At The Movies as they discuss the best movies of the 1980's

    Part 2 of 3
  • I really think some people just don't get gender equality. While we have plenty of inequality in the UK I don't think we have as much sensitivity to feminist views as the states does. I kinda think that if most of the viewers on this video were from the UK there would be more likes than dislikes. The place of the female seems to be more of an issue in the states than it does in the UK, not a factual statement just my experience of the subject.

    Feminist Frequency Has A Point.

    We need to talk about this: How do our actions really affect the world?
    Do people like FF help, or are her methods crippling the true advancement of society?
    FF: http://www.youtube.com/watch...
  • Um, isn't this meant to be ironic? I'm sorry have I missed something, do people really think its real or are the comments meant to be ironic as well. From what I can tell its pretty obvious that this guy is making fun of online conspiracy idiots.

    Harry Potter's Dirty Secret - Conspiracy Cinema

    • by CineFix
    • 6 months ago
    HARRY POTTER has an evil secret that J.K. Rowling doesn't want you to know about! Subscribe -- http://goo.gl/9AGRm

    Is Harry Potter propaganda for the Church of Satan and a Wiccan tool for DEMONS ...
  • Does Siskel think there is a law where if u don't like a film your not allowed to like any aspect of it, not fair on the poor people who did give a crap about the film that were let down by everyone else not pulling their weight or trying to produce a typical hollywood film.

    Siskel & Ebert: Spawn (Year 1997)

    Siskel and Ebert review the 1997 Superhero film, Spawn starting Michael Jai White, John Leguizamo, and Martin Sheen. This film got a mixed review from both of them, Gene hated the film because he f...
  • knowing full well it would get me in trouble on these comments pages to use unnecessary bad language I am treading a fine line right now with how angry I am with 'those who hold the money'. I find it incredibly upsetting that a film like Grown Ups 2 did so well when this film was hidden away from the public eye. It's enough to make you think there is a conspiracy against good filmmaking.

    Kermode Uncut: The Return Of The Kings


    I blogged a while back about how much I liked The Kings Of Summer. Unfortunately it had a very limited release but now it's out on DVD...
  • Why keep the Ballas and Grove Street if they didn't keep the Mafia families from GTA 3 in GTA 4? Tad inconsistent, especially with San Andreas being less popular than GTA 3.

  • I felt most of the comments were in agreement with Kermode on the BBC website, weren't a huge number who claimed he was being a snob. He wasn't saying that cattle prod moments are totally unnecessary anyway, just that you can't build a horror film around them. For me I think cattle prod moments have to earn their place gradually, and you only need about 3 or 4 in a horror film if at all.

    Kermode Uncut: The Wicker Man and Cattle Prod Cinema Responses


    I blogged recently on the new version of The Wicker Man out today and why I don't like 'Cattle Prod Cinema'. Here are some of your responses.
  • Empire of the Sun surprised me, I had never even heard of it which was surprising enough for a Spielberg film, didn't expect much but actually felt quite impressed. With Spielberg though it tends to be more the other way round, I like his films when I first see them but lose appreciation for them over time. I always respected his personal take on ET though, the original version of course.

    Ai Apology


    When I interviewed Steven Spielberg last week I felt the need to apologise to him for getting it so wrong when I first reviewed AI - here's why I have revised my opinio...
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