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Lulamoon (ft. Rina Chan)

49,666 views 7 months ago
Those credits though!

Composed by - PsychGoth/ Bagpipe Brony
Lyrics by - - PsychGoth and SonicSuns
Vocals by - - Rina Chan
Male vox - - -Equestria Dude
Guitars by - -Cyril the Wulf
Riff synth - -Delta Brony
Trixie dance -KanishiiPanda
Visuals - - - Acleps


This song is about as old as Spirit of Fire, going right back to several months before EQLA 2013.
Rina Chan and I wanted to work together and decided she wanted to do something not as Twilight.
Since I have a habit of writing good Trixie songs, we agreed what the song would be about real quick lol.

I went for a eurobeat sound with Russian folkloric (and Finnish) influence. This will be a song in my album but you can download this single on bandcamp.
The intro for this song has bits of "Säkkijärven Polkka" which is a very famous Finnish folk song.
The bridge of the song also has the chord progression for "Katyusha" which is an old famous Russian song.

Bandcamp: https://robbidez.bandcamp.c...


Behold! Trixie the Great and Powerful!
(Hu-Ha Trixie Rocks!)
Moons ago most ponies knew her name
the crowds all loved her and she knew the fame
Beauty rare, and magic to behold
they gather around to see the show unfold!

See her now on the stage!
Brilliant sapphire mage!
Cloak of stars all alight!
Such a wonderful sight!

Trixie is here and she dazzles the crowd
No one doubts she's the best
She's a master and she is Great and Powerful

Long ago they said she'd changed her ways
But that was no more than just a passing phase
No more lies, won't feign humility
She boasts and she brags, "She is the Great Trixie!"

All of you are just so far beneath her
Try your best but you will never beat her
On the house of Lulamoon she swears!
There are none who ever could compare
On the house of Lulamoon Trixie swears!
There are none who will remain unaware Show less
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