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The Mid-Foot Strike

22,727 views 8 months ago
The Mid-Foot Strike is a newer concept that has gained popularity in recent years. It's a surprisingly poorly defined area of running due to the lack of a standard definition of the Mid-Foot and the "style" of running that goes with it. So lets start there to try to fully understand this idea. Check it out. Show less
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    Welcome to the Pose Method® of Running Program, the most efficient and effective way to improve your running technique. Throughout this comprehensive course, you will be taught the mechanics of your r

Week 1: Self-Assessment Play

Week 2: Program Foundations Play

There are two fundamental components of this transition program: Learning about the basic mechanics of running, and implementing drills and exercises into your training to improve your running. Week 2 is all about providing you with the necessary background to establish a foundation to build on over the next several weeks.

The first component is basic mechanics. Throughout this course, you will learn about everything that happens while you run. In week 2, you will start that journey with the basic movement fundamentals video: a brief look at how gravity influences movement.

The second component is practical application. Every week, you will have a set of drills and exercises to execute that will help improve your running. The purpose of all of the drills and exercises you do is to enhance your perception. In week 2, you will begin to understand the role perception plays in your development.

The drills and exercises in week 2 videos are focused on strengthening your body. These drills are key to preparing your body for the repetitive impact forces in running and should be utilized as a light warm-up before any run during this transition and beyond.

Week 3: Pose, Fall, Pull Play

Now that you've been primed with some basic concepts about movement and perception, along with some simple drills to get you started, it's time to dive into the core concepts of what defines the Pose Method®.

Week 3, marks the Introduction of Pose, Fall, and Pull: The Foundation of Pose Running. Pose, Fall, and Pull are the three invariable elements of the running stride, and this week you'll begin to learn why they are so critical to your development as a runner.

Preventing Injuries, Running Faster, and Running Longer are the three primary reasons people seek out help with their running form. This week you will understand how those reasons directly connect to the fundamental elements of Pose, Fall, and Pull.

The exercises for this week are Pony, Timber, Timber in the Running Pose, and Running Backwards. These drills are an easy way to get you started on recognizing the potential variations of the foundational elements in running: Pose, Fall and Pull.

This week, every day you should practice the drill set, followed by a run of 20 to 30 minutes. While running, continue to think about the concepts you've learned and try to enhance your sensitivity on every step.


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