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Poleminx @ The Kingston Pole Dance Studio

Teddy Bear. Pole Dancing Moves Tricks Demo Intermediate

3,171 views 1 year ago
Pole Dancing Moves Demo: Teddy Bear
Filmed at The Kingston Pole Dance Studio, Surrey
Poleminx pole dancing lessons in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey
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Signature Pole Dance Steps Play

A selection of typical pole dancing dance moves and steps, which may be used as transitions between tricks, or in combinations for a 'dancey' routine ...

Spins / Basic Tricks Play

Pole Dance Spins and ground based tricks.
(not presented in order of difficulty)

Upright Aerial Poses & Tricks Play

'Aerial' = off the ground / in the air / up the pole.
(not presented in order of difficulty)

Inverts Play

Inverted Tricks
(not presented in order of difficulty)

Drop In & Dance Choreographed Pole Routines Play

This is the kind of thing we do in a 'Drop In & Dance' class. Usually lasting 1 to 1.30 hours, these classes teach an easy to follow pole routine to a whole song. All the moves are broken down and cued step by step to choreography designed to be easy to pick up .. for fun and to burn energy :-)
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