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The new 2013 PDC Pole Dance Syllabus Book

6,635 views 1 year ago
Available Now: http://www.poledancecommuni...

Responding to your feedback, we are pleased to present a more structured, user friendly layout for this, the updated 2013 edition.

This new and larger edition is laid out in levels and has an alphabetical contents section with cross referenced AKAs, so you can always quickly find the move you are looking for.

We have also increased the image sizes so you can more easily see and understand the techniques. Show less
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PDC Syllabus Level 1 Moves Play

Pole Dance Community Syllabus Level 1 covers the very beginnings of pole moves. We believe that Level 1 is "Achievable by everyone"; most of the moves remain grounded, and do not require much upper body strength - that comes later!
Many of these moves are excellent transitions, floor, and dance moves, great for even the most advanced dancers to work with!

PDC Syllabus Level 2 Moves Play

Pole Dance Community Syllabus Level 2 covers most of the building blocks of pole dancing. Most of the spins fall within this grade. Spins are great for building your upper body strength!
Have a look for the base version of each spin first, then start on the variations.

PDC Syllabus Level 3 Moves Play

Pole Dance Community Syllabus Level 3 covers the basic inverted positions. Upright Poses.
This level also includes some bigger spins, and those that require more arm strength.

PDC Syllabus Level 4 Moves Play

Pole Dance Community Syllabus Level 4 includes progressions and variations of the base inverted tricks, along with harder upright-tricks and more difficult gripping methods

PDC Syllabus Level 5 Moves Play

Pole Dance Community Syllabus Level 5 includes the most advanced tricks.
Most of the "Arms Only" tricks are found here, along with more complicated Aerial Combinations, and moves with a higher risk-factor.

PDC Syllabus Level 6 Moves Play

Pole Dance Community Syllabus Level 6 is described as "Extreme", "Elite", "Professional" Level. Many tricks require extreme flexibility or superhuman strength.
Our catalogue is small but growing. If you are a PDC Approved Instructor and would like to submit Level 6 moves, please get in touch.

PDC Gradings Play

Examples of submitted gradings from PDC AAP members from across the world!

If you're unsure of what a grading involves, have a look at these videos!
You can undertake a grading at a PDC approved pole dancing school, or online direct with the PDC.

Gradings are marked on warm-up, 10 moves performed in isolation, the 10 moves included in a short routine to music, and cool-down. Everything must be perfect to achieve a grading with distinction!

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